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Spotlight Blog #8 Final Post


It is my pleasure to introduce Spotlight Author Suzanne Burke to my followers. Suzanne is a proud member of our Rave Reviews Book Club Family where we support and propel each other.  If you like what you see, click on the “Join/Renew” tab to register and to learn more about this international virtual book club.


And Now…Enjoy!

Interview with Sheila Harrington

Hello and a very big welcome to my final post for the tour. My heartfelt thanks for following along on my journey, and a special thank you to my host.

If you have read the tour post where I included an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Acts Beyond Redemption, the following imaginary interview may unsettle you just a little.

It’s between another character, namely CNN reporter Marissa Clarke and the woman nobody really knows, Sheila Harrington.

photo1s-burke photo2photo3


CNN: Please welcome to ‘Marisa Speaks’ my very special guest today, Miss Sheila Harrington. Good Morning, Miss Harrington.

Sheila:  Oh, please, not Miss Harrington! Do I look like a schoolmarm to you? You may call me Sheila.

CNN:  Very well … Sheila. Thank you. May I ask why you agreed to this interview when so many others are vying for your attention?

Sheila:  I like your style. It’s really, just that simple.

CNN: Why, thank you. You have been recently, and very regularly, photographed in the company of our Governor, Damon Henderson. The word on the street is we can expect an important announcement about your relationship very soon.

Sheila: Some rumors can be entirely inaccurate. Can’t they, my dear?

 CNN: So the rumors of an impending engagement are false?

Sheila: I don’t believe that is what I said, my dear. I believe the custom is for the man to have asked me first, or of course, I could ask him. I haven’t done that.

CNN So you’re ruling it out?

Sheila. Don’t put words in my mouth, my dear. It’s irritating, and most unbecoming.

CNN: Let’s move on. What can you tell us about the very strong suggestions floating around both here and in Washington that the Governor is about to throw his hat in the ring for the upcoming Presidential Elections?

Sheila: Would he gain your vote, Miss Clarke?

CNN:  That wasn’t my question.

Sheila:  Your researcher should have informed you better, Miss Clarke. If you had bothered to check, you would have discovered that Governor Henderson has scheduled a press conference at 10.00 am tomorrow morning. I’ll see to it that you have a front row seat. Thank you. I believe that concludes our little chat. It’s been … enlightening.

CNN: But …

Sheila: Tomorrow, Miss Clarke.

Sheila stood and with a smile for the camera, she left the studio.


I’m smiling away to myself here in Sydney.

Now THAT was fun!

And now if I may, on a personal note. My spirit has been renewed and uplifted because of you folks. All of you. Thank you for making the time in your busy day to join me on this joyous adventure.  Being a member of Rave Reviews Book Club has enriched my life.

I leave you with a Big Aussie hello and thanks.

I look forward to seeing you here being ‘Spotlighted’ in the near future.




Suzanne Burke lives, laughs, writes and enjoys her life in the beautiful harbor-side city of Sydney Australia.

She is a mother and grandmother, now in her sixties, and considers every moment of every day as a precious treasure to be valued and explored, and not simply endured.

Her non-fiction works are written under the pen-name of Stacey Danson.

They are both challenging and thought provoking works covering the earliest years of her life, the topic of child abuse and the PTSD that accompanied her into her later years  are not, by virtue of their subject matter an easy or comfortable read, yet so many have read them. She will be forever grateful that her readers have assisted in raising the awareness into this painful and enduring evil.

An awareness that is vital in any efforts to stem this tide of inhuman acts perpetrated on the most innocent of us all … the children.

She escapes into the world of fiction in her thriller and suspense novels, continually exploring other genres such as paranormal and dystopian, and always delighting in the magical escapism offered in the written word.

She is an avid reader and reviewer who enjoys sharing the works she explores.


Follow Suzanne online:

Facebook – @StaceyandSuzie

Twitter handle – @pursoot

Website – https://sooozburkeauthor.wordpress.com/

Book Purchase:  AMAZON




31 thoughts on “Welcome #RRBCSpotlightAuthor Suzanne Burke!

  1. Soooz

    Thank you so much for hosting the final day of my tour, Shirley. The Spotlight Authors Tour has given me such a marvelous opportunity to interact with all the lovely folks that stopped by. It has been a wonderful week. Thank you all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John Fioravanti

    This has been an enlightening and entertaining tour week, Suzanne! You showcased many of your talents beautifully and are truly one of RRBC’s best! Thanks for hosting, Shirley!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Linda Mims

    Well, Sooz, Sheila Harrington sounds like one feisty broad! Someone I’d enjoy getting to know! LOL! Thanks Suzanne for another great character and thanks Shirley for this intro to more of Suzanne’s work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter Post author

      Rebecca that’s another fresh take on the interview. I couldn’t put it into the right words but you nailed it. Suzanne is showcasing her talents very well.


    2. Soooz

      Hello again, Rebecca! Sheila loves that type of conversation! Give her ‘razorblade’ tongue more practice. Thanks so much for all of your support this week, it is appreciated.


  4. dlfinnauthor

    That “interview” certainly fit Shelia as she took control. Enjoyed getting more in depth with this story all week. What an added bonus to go to new blogs along the way:) Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Soooz

      Thank you so much for your awesome support all week! It’s been such fun getting to ‘chat’ and share a little background for the creation of my characters.:)


    1. Soooz

      Hello, Rhani! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it! I’ve read and enjoyed ‘A Perilous Thirst’ & ‘ Shadow of The Drill’. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  5. Natalie Ducey

    What a treat this has been! Thanks so much for sharing your passion and gift with us, Soooz! You are an amazingly talented writer! Bravo. Hugs from Canada! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting, Shirley, and for the warm welcome, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Soooz

    Micki, I appreciate you popping in and catching up. I do love creating these character interviews, and am so pleased that they are luring you into my book. I am looking forward to hearing what you think when you read it. Hugs!


    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter Post author

      Joy thank you for stopping by. Since this is Spotlight Author Day for Susanne, I’m sure she will really appreciate seeing you here.



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