The West Eight Mile Community Continued…


In spite of these obstacles, the Oblate Sisters of Providence arrival in 1948 started the real progress of building the school. The new church was complete, and the members had already settled in. While waiting for the day when a school would be operational, the nuns were busy principally with the instruction of adult women. They also taught catechism to the children attending public schools. They were responsible for organizing the Junior and Senior Sodality, the Girl Scouts, and various teenage social activities. Whenever a communion breakfast was held, the nuns were usually in charge. Directing adult study clubs; teaching the congregational singing and recitation of the Mass; instructing the altar boys; caring for the sanctuary and the altar linens; collecting merchandise and conducting rummage sales—these are just some of the activities listed when someone asks what the sisters did before there was a school. The school, however, was the goal so earnestly desired. Its realization would mark the era of abundant conversions. His Eminence Cardinal Mooney was ready to build as soon as Uncle Sam gave up his lease on the land. May of 1953 was the target date.


Next week: The Wall of Shame

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