Parsippany, New Jersey Conference

I just got back from our 75th Northern District Conference in a one-horse town Parsippany, New Jersey. They were not prepared to handle such a large crowd of us but we got through it as best we could. The conference was sponsored by the Knights and Ladies of St. Peter Claver and is held each year.

I write about this organization in my book because a council and court was started right here at OLV in 1949. The title? Santa Maria Council #105. Look it up. There is also a junior division which we plan to restart. Looking for parents to get involved with their youngsters. Have to be 7 years of age, be baptized and make their First Holy Communion. I am currently looking for new members for the ladies court and of course their daughters later on after the new members learn all they can about this noble order.

I didn’t appreciate this organization when my mother and sister were in it. That’s because I didn’t know that much about it until I started researching our history. That came after I was asked to join and was put on the history committee for another project. It’s amazing how things come together because I decided to place my findings in the book project since it is history as well. The book went from being just history to a narrative history complete with my story and the claver history added in later on.

The conference deals with business, make corrections and amendment changes to district bylaws, awards scholarships to qualifying young people, raffles drawings, etc.  Delegates are selected at their home councils and courts and have voting rights based on the number of members they have.

I bid on some scented soaps and won the item. One year I won $100 from the Pot of Gold drawing. There is a breakfast, a dance, a banquet and awards given and board meetings to plan the next year’s conference, then its on to national.

Just got back into town last night and I am exhausted.


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