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WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour – @WendyJayneScott

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It’s another beautiful day in Alabama and I have another fabulous showcase for you!

RWISA TOUR (1) (1)

Introducing Wendy Scott…


Luke’s body whirled through the portal in a kaleidoscope of starlight and rainbows. Burnt ozone stung his nostrils, and his stomach roiled as if live dragonflies flitted inside. He clutched his grandfather’s palm tighter, the only connection anchoring them together while they spun into the void, guided by the compass in his grandfather’s other hand.

“We’re here.” His grandfather’s words whistled with wheeziness.

He released Luke and turned away, pocketing the compass, but his old man’s movements weren’t quick enough to hide the tremors or his shortness of breath.

A mountain breeze, tinged with smoke ruffled the tussock grasses underfoot. In the valley below, Luke pinpointed a chimney on a cluster of shacks beside fenced paddocks. Had the old man’s sense of direction faded and cast them adrift?

“Follow me.”…

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6 Words That Can Ruin Your Sentence – #RRBC

Herein lies the problems with these words…

4WillsPublishing Author Services

Here at 4WillsPublishing, we’re all about sharing info that can only help you to become a better writer.  What better info to share than 6 words that can ruin your sentence.  So, let’s jump right into it:

*ACTUALLY:  Crutch words are words that we slip into sentences in order to give ourselves more time to think, or to emphasize a statement. Over time, they become unconscious verbal tics. Most often, crutch words do not add meaning of a statement. Actually is the perfect example of a crutch word. It is meant to signify something that exists in reality, but it is more often used as a way to add punch to a statement (as in, “I actually have no idea”). The next word is one of the most chronically misused crutch words in English…

*LITERALLY:  This adverb should be used to describe an action that…

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Reviewers #RRBC

Good Review tips.

Writing and Music


As an author, there is nothing more encouraging than receiving a rave review for one of your books.

But, reviewers must maintain credibility. And that is my topic today.

I am an avid reader. I love nothing more than to sink my teeth into a good story. And, I never hesitate to leave a review once I finish.

However, what happens when a reader picks up a book that leaves him lacking? Does that reviewer leave a false review to make the author feel better or tell the truth?


I think the answer to that should be crystal clear. First of all, you are doing that author no favors by saying the book is better than it was. An honest but KIND review can help the author grow and get better at his craft.

We never stretch or reach for more, when we think we already have it. 

So, I…

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Meet RRBC Spotlight Author Sherilyn Powers

This is worth sharing with my followers.

The Indie Spot!

Greetings, wonderful readers. It is my pleasure to share with you Rave Reviews Book Club’s April Spotlight Author Sherilyn Powers. Support this talented author where you can.

IMG_6811_pp (2)Sure I Have Celiac Disease, But A Small Bit Of Gluten Doesn’t Hurt…

By Sherilyn Powers


Oh the times I’ve heard that. And the times I have even thought it, thought myself paranoid because I was so diligent. And the times others have thought me overly cautious, including my own family.

I was lucky when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  I had a doctor who really understood the disease and helped me to understand how serious it actually was.

Because of his advice, I carefully checked out labels, learned about the dangers of maltodextrin and MSG being from sources containing gluten, checked for BHT in everything I went to put in my mouth, and learned that caramel could and usually did…

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#RRBC “The BEST” Place To Belong If You’re An #Author!

Watch Nonnie Write!

Happy New Year 2016

Welcome to 2016 and the first Recruitment Day of the year for the International Literary Sensation, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC)!  Now, if you’re an author, or a reader, or a parent, or a dog, or even a rock, if you haven’t heard of us by now…well, then you must be a rock, buried really deeply

Dog digging hole…because we’re the cat’s meow when it comes to all things LITERARY, all things FUN and absolutely everything centered around SUPPORT!  Not support of self, but support of others.

Image of people helping each otherOur goal is to Profile, Promote & Propel our members to unimaginable heights in everything we do, and we’re pretty sure we’re doing a really great job of that!   How do we go about such hefty tasks?  Well, let me name just a few of the awesome ways we lift and support our members:

*3 Books of the…

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You just won the sweepstakes contest – SIX BLOGS IN SIX DAYS. You get an autographed copy of my book Our Lady of Victory and a $5 gift card.


WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!



Below is a recap of the Six Day Blog Tour…

Website blog:


As most of you know I love history and that is how I came to write about my experience growing up as a catholic. And I discovered a lot of history in the process. Ms. Shanell found me on my twitter account and was curious about my catholic upbringing and my politics.  So I have an interview on Blogtalkradio with Ms. Shanell. Call 323-693-3027 @ 9:30pm on Tuesday August 27th to get in on the conversation and we will have fun with the topic.




The main reason I was inspired to write the book was to fill a glaring omission of history. Working at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in a second career opened my eyes to the fact that there is just not a lot of black people represented at all levels of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s catholic community. I found that to be quite unsettling when I looked at how I was raised…in a black community and black catholic church. It didn’t allow me any room to understand that my race was not the only race represented in the scheme of things. It was like a culture shock as I discuss in the book under “A personal Perspective”. You’ll have to read it for yourself to get the full picture.

I also learned that there is a lot of hurt out there by folks who were raised in the catholic schools (didn’t necessarily become Catholics) and some (Catholics) came away with bad experiences. Fortunately for me, my experiences were minimal compared to others who grew up with me. But I discuss my pains and hurts while trying not to knock the Catholic Church, which was pretty darn hard to do.

Anyway, I was on a mission to get our rightful place in history, including being able to find something about our community on the internet, because when I started out, there was nothing and I do mean literally nothing. Now you can search under my name and “Our Lady of Victory, Detroit” will come up and you won’t just get OLV in Novi which is what was coming up when I got started on this project. There is still room for improvement on what comes up but its a start.

So I can say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And know that if I don’t sell any more books, it won’t change the fact that our name is out there now.



I had planned on writing something else this week but something came up and the topic has changed:

Yesterday Saturday, June 8, 2013 I attended  the 70-Year Commemoration Celebration of the Knights of St. Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary at Christ the King Church in Flint, Michigan. The reason I bring this up is because I wrote about  their founder, Fr. Norman Dukette, in my book (P. 165, 3rd Paragraph down and P.176 1st sentence & 2nd paragraph). You see, Fr. Dukette was practically the only archdiocesan black priest in the Detroit diocese in the early years of the 20th century.  He was banned from serving here and was sent to Flint in 1929 to start up a new church from scratch.  Archdiocesan priest are not missionaries, they do not start up new churches but that’s what they did to Fr. Dukette. He founded St. Benedict the Moor in Detroit in 1927 and Christ the King in Flint in 1929. He left Detroit under mysterious circumstances and, well, you’ll just have to read the book to get the full story. It begins on page 180 under St. Benedict the Moor.

I tell you, when I started digging up history I was surprised at the stories I began to uncover. It always seem to go back to racism. I’m sorry, but I do not apologize for being the messenger. I put a disclaimer in my introduction of sorts because I almost didn’t complete the book because I got so shaken after presenting the manuscript to a priest who told me the book was fascinating but that he could not support it and practically pushed me out of his office while a local magazine reporter was sitting in the waiting room.. The reporter was so shocked that he asked me for my phone number so he could get the scoop behind what was happening to me. That disclaimer is in the Introduction on page 3. The deacon at the church I worked for at the time as the business manager, told me to “keep on writing and don’t let nobody stop you”. And with words of encouragement from my husband, I continued on. But this book almost didn’t get written because I was uncovering so many secrets that weren’t exactly meant to be found and folks were getting edgy.

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