The main reason I was inspired to write the book was to fill a glaring omission of history. Working at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in a second career opened my eyes to the fact that there is just not a lot of black people represented at all levels of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s catholic community. I found that to be quite unsettling when I looked at how I was raised…in a black community and black catholic church. It didn’t allow me any room to understand that my race was not the only race represented in the scheme of things. It was like a culture shock as I discuss in the book under “A personal Perspective”. You’ll have to read it for yourself to get the full picture.

I also learned that there is a lot of hurt out there by folks who were raised in the catholic schools (didn’t necessarily become Catholics) and some (Catholics) came away with bad experiences. Fortunately for me, my experiences were minimal compared to others who grew up with me. But I discuss my pains and hurts while trying not to knock the Catholic Church, which was pretty darn hard to do.

Anyway, I was on a mission to get our rightful place in history, including being able to find something about our community on the internet, because when I started out, there was nothing and I do mean literally nothing. Now you can search under my name and “Our Lady of Victory, Detroit” will come up and you won’t just get OLV in Novi which is what was coming up when I got started on this project. There is still room for improvement on what comes up but its a start.

So I can say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And know that if I don’t sell any more books, it won’t change the fact that our name is out there now.



  1. Camille MItchell

    You have done a great service just by researching and writing your book which is a true historical account and personal memoir Everyone today is so use to microwaved and instant information that they forget that history often travel a long and winding road–but the good news is that eventually the truth come out.

    On 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago a story emerged about the Catholic Church La Sagrada Familia which has been under construction for more than 131 years and is not scheduled to be completed before 2026.

    You may have heard about it; however, I surprised to just now be learning about such a monumental event. Yes, it can be a long and winding road.

    La Sagrada Familia is a Catholic Church in Barcelona Spain. Despite having been under construction since 1882 it is still not complete. In fact it has just passed the half way point. The goal now is to complete the building by 2026.



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