A couple of weeks ago, we were busy babysitting our grandchildren while their parents left town for an audition for seventeen year old JaShawn. As a result he was offered a recording contract. Unfortunately, it was not an acceptable offer so they are re-negotiating the contract. In addition. here is what has been happening:

Our 10 year old Grandson Jayavion (pronounced Jay-A-veon)  got the highest score in the country on the MEAP Test. His school district is giving him a dinner for his achievement on May 29th.

Kiera Milan our 7 year old granddaughter models for Kohls and just returned from a photo shoot as of last week. She shot a commercial with Derrick Rose (basketball Player) and has other projects in the works. She has been under agency contract for over a year and has been working steadily ever since.

Kyle, our seventeen year old has been accepted at Perdue University.

So I have been absent because of all that has been going on. We are so proud of our children. Next week I will be back at my regular postings.

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2 thoughts on “I’VE BEEN AWAY FOR AWHILE

  1. Gwendolyn Worthy

    Hi! I am truly thankful that the author has not given up on enlighten the people about the unfair treatment that minorities were exposed to, and still are by the powers that be in the Catholic church.


    1. Rememberourladyofvictory Post author

      Gwen, thanks for the encouragement. You have always had my back and you get what I am trying to do.Thanks so much.



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