NONNIE JULES was born in TX but when she was a little toddler her family relocated to Shreveport, LA for reasons unbeknownst to her.  She still lives there today with her husband and two wonderful daughters on a strip of land which she likes to refer to as THE FARM.  She lives a very peaceful existence (aside from the many animals her daughters have amassed) and this existence allows her to do what she loves most, and that is to create life thru words in written form.  Her first published work is “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! is doing very well, especially in paperback format.  You are invited to check it out here on  (Feel free to also view the book trailer at
 Nonnie writes from many different genres including fiction and non, poetry, short stories, you name it.  She’d love for you to keep in touch by following her on Twitter @nonniejules and you’re also invited to follow her blog WATCH NONNIE WRITE! at
This is the second stop on her 7 day “MEET THE CHARACTERS OF DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” Blog Tour and you can follow the entire tour here at
And now, I’d like to introduce the character interview of AURELIA “DAYDREAM” JAMES.
QHello Aurelia “Daydream” James!  Is Daydream your given name or a nick-name, AND how did you come by it?
A:  Well, seeing as though I’m well over the age of 22 when young parents were handing out those silly names like Mercedes, Porscha and Beautiful, it should be obvious that it’s a nickname.  My brother gave me the name and you will have to read the book to find out why.
QWhich would you prefer to be called during this interview?
A:  My name is Aurelia.  I’m a tad bit too old to be called Daydream, although some of my family members and friends that I’ve known since childhood all still call me Daydream.
A:  I am Maiya’s (the main character) mother, unfortunately.
Q:  Unfortunately?  Why would you say that and I guess I need to go a step further and ask what kind of mother would say something like that about their own child?
A:  I say that because IT IS UNFORTUNATE that I am her mother and you want to know what kind of mother says something like that?  Try a mother who’s fed up with the antics and the lies from that child.
QI read an interview that Maiya did recently and it seems she had similar feelings about you.  How sad is that and why is there such animosity between the two of you?  I mean, she’s only a child.
A:  I read that freaking interview she did.  She’s pure evil, nothing but evil! (Aurelia now has a scowl on her face as she leans in to me).  Maiya is the only child out of the seven that I have that has ever given me problems.  She has been problematic for me since she was born!  If you don’t believe me, she was even a breach baby, and that ought to tell you a lot!  The only one I had that came out feet first.  I knew then that she was different, in a bad way, you know?
QAurelia, you speak very harshly about your 16 year old daughter but you’re not giving me any concrete reasons as to why you obviously despise her.  She, in her own words said YOU DIDN’T LIKE HER AT ALL.  What do you say to that?  It has to be hard to hear.
A:  You want me to tell you why I feel the way I do about that girl?  OK, then I’ll tell you.  She seduced my own husband, in my own house.  That’s why I can’t stand her!  You say she’s a child?  Well, she sure as hell, excuse my french, doesn’t act like a child.  My other children, they ALL act like children.  They’re angelic almost, but this one…Ms. Maiya…running around here giving interviews about me, making me look bad to people.  I can’t stand her and if I never lay eyes on her again, that would be too soon for me!
Q I’m sorry my questions are upsetting to you, but you do know that we’re on tour because this book, which carries your namesake, is about to be published?  Why do you think your name is in the title?
A:  You will have to ask the author who wrote it.  What’s her name…Noonie?  Nottie?  Nollie?  Hell, I don’t know her name.  Whatever it is, I’m sure you can ask her this question.  I’m just in the book.  And I would have appreciated being left out of the book, not having my business put out into the street like this.  This was all Maiya’s doing.  I know it.  I told you…she’s pure evil!
QI hate to keep bringing up Maiya, but she mentioned in her interview that you and your husband abused her repeatedly.  Would you like to offer a response in your defense?
A:  I don’t need to defend myself against anything that girl has told you or anyone else.  My husband, her stepfather, has done nothing but take care of her since he came into our lives.  He has been good to her and the things she has accused him of, only the devil would make up such lies on an innocent man.
Q:  Aurelia, if you don’t mind my asking, what did Maiya accuse your husband of specifically?  And she also accused you of abuse.  What has she accused you of?
A:  Read the book.  I’m not justifying anymore of that b/s with responses.  Do y’all have any beer here?  My throat is very dry answering all these nosey questions.
Q:  I’m sorry, Aurelia.  The only thing we have here is bottled water.  Would you like some?
A:  This interview is over.  The next time you want me to come answer your damned questions, make sure you have something I like to drink.
(She storms away mumbling:  “What kind of mess is this where you don’t even accommodate your guests properly?  They should have asked me before I showed up here what kind of beer I drank.  What the hell would I do with some bottled water?  And what kind of operation are they running here anyway?  It was supposed to be classy!”)
INTERVIEWER:  “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”, after having two previous release dates that were both re-scheduled, will finally be released on Amazon October 31, 2013.  That’s Halloween and some will find this a story perfectly suited to tie in with the occasion.  You can view the trailer here athttp://youtu/be.qbUK3XQ5-dA and read an excerpt from the book here
Thank all of you who stopped by to meet this character and don’t forget that everyone who leaves a comment above for Aurelia “Daydream” James will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!
Please follow the rest of the tour and good luck on winning!
Nonnie Jules, Author
“…and her words breathe life onto paper”


  1. Shirley L. Slaughter (@motorcityauthor)

    Nonnie, I’m not one to read these kinds of novels. Most of the time I don’t have the time to get through any of my reads these days, but since I’m hosting you, I did read the interview of Aurelia above and clicked the link to an excerpt from your most talked-about book. I must say, your writing style kept me reading until I finished it and it was very interesting and intriquing. It really was…kept me wanting more and that’s as you want it to be. Good writing and a good trailer. Book should do very well.


      1. Rememberourladyofvictory Post author

        I can’t believe her either. A real mother cannot even relate to it. I can relate to the fact that your characters are so interesting. What a writer you are!


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