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It is an honor and a pleasure to host Jason Zandri today. And so I am asking book club members and followers to please take the time to read Jason’s post, leave a comment and share this post. He will appreciate that. If you like what you see, pick up a copy of his book. Let’s give him a huge welcome!


On a number of occasions I have been asked if I have a favorite part in “Another Sunset”; one part about the story that stands out, above everything else, as an absolute favorite.
I answered that question in the prior segment of the blog tour and I got to thinking on the same topic for “As Life Goes: Elementary.” Interestingly enough, I have the same dilemma with this book as I did in “Another Sunset.”

I explained, in that blog post, that I had to “asterisk” my choice because, it is technically my second favorite part. The problem with the one I REALLY like as a favorite is that it is a pivotal turning point for one of the characters in the story and listing it gives too much of that portion of the story away.
So as much as I did in that prior post, this is – *my favorite part in “As Life Goes: Elementary”.
There is a segment of the story where Matthew meets up with Tim, the school tough guy / troublemaker. Matthew’s father always taught him that people deserve a fair shake, and that they should have at least one opportunity to redeem themselves. Matthew felt, after a particular incident, that Tim wasn’t getting that opportunity. At the same time, he wasn’t exactly sure how to remedy that, so he turned to his father for advice.

The reason I wrote this into the story was twofold. What might seem like the obvious first reason is the lesson of “everyone should have at least one opportunity to redeem themselves.” I really believe we don’t see enough of this in everyday life. Do some people take advantage of the kindness of others? Sure, and that is why the statement is “everyone should have at least one opportunity to redeem themselves” with an emphasis on “one.” The caveat there is “fool me once shame on you” as the saying goes, if they should try to take that advantage of the consideration of others, offering that chance at redemption.

The other, less obvious reason is Matthew making the choice to go back to his father for advice when he becomes stuck on what to do. I think too many parents are unavailable to their children in this manner. Yes, we parents have the responsibility to be parents to our children and not their friends so to speak, but at the same time, we need to teach them that it is okay to stumble and fall or to drop back to seek help before moving forward. In a society today where it seems failure and mistakes are totally unacceptable, we all need to remember, we are only human and the natural course is to err. Recovering from that is what makes us stronger and better than we were.

About As Life Goes: Elementary
“Every new beginning starts from nothing. Understanding that you can have everything in the love of one person, isn’t that worth the risk of personal capital? Isn’t that kind of love worth it?” – Diane Wakeford

“Have I ever told you, you’re the nicest boy I’ve ever met?” – Melissa Bancroft

“I will have the friends I want. I don’t care what boy likes me or what boy I like. You’re an awesome friend. I am not giving you up because we’re going to different schools or for any one person either.” – Elizabeth Wellsworth

Mark Sanford returns to his hometown with his son Matthew in tow to rebuild their lives. Recently divorced, and with the mother totally abandoning her parental responsibilities, both father and son are beginning their fresh start together.

Matthew begins to make new friends in the neighborhood and at school while he tries to find his place among people that have been friends with one another for years at elementary school.

Mark takes over the reins of the former family corner store with the help of a young woman looking for work. The ability to love and trust that woman entering his life is difficult for him because of all he has lost. For Matthew, that “first love” is difficult to understand without a motherly influence and with a father that has been deeply hurt.

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Jason has been working in the information technology field in one form or the other since 1996. He is currently employed full time at Bloomberg LP as a Systems Engineer in the R&D group. Jason lives in Wallingford Connecticut, with his wife Renata. He is the father to four children, three boys and 1 girl – 11 years (Andrew), 9 years (Angela), 7 years (Adam) and 6 years old (Alex).

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Guest Author: Nonnie Jules on an (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS Blog Stop!

Hello everyone!  We have a very special guest with us today, a dear friend of mine and all around great person, Nonnie Jules!!!  Nonnie is still trying to bring awareness to the issue of bullying.  It is her belief, that if kids were taught better, then we’d have a world filled with better kids who don’t feel the need to bully.  This is why she is continually touting the effectiveness of the tips in this guide.Thanks so much for being here today Nonnie, and introducing us to your book “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!  We just have a few questions to ask, not going to keep you long   I know how busy an Author’s life is, so here we go…
Shirley:  Tell us a little about yourself.
Nonnie: Shirley, before I get into answering any questions, let me thank you and your readers for having me today!  I’m so happy to be here.  Now we can answer questions! I am a wife of one and very proud mother of two “Angel” daughters as I like to call them, one young adult and the other a teenager.  We live in Shreveport, with plenty of animals around.  No cows or anything like that, but if you can imagine it, my two collect them in the animal department.  I’m so grateful they don’t feel as if we’re headed onto Noah’s Ark or we’ve have two of everything!  I love where we live because it’s very quiet and peaceful, gives me the solitude I need to think and create through my writing.
Shirley:  How long have you been writing and what inspires you to write?
Nonnie:  I started writing when I was a little girl, by keeping my diary.  I would write poetry in those diaries, poetically summing up my days.  Now, things that I see going on in the world inspire me to write.  For instance, the day each of my daughters were born, I wrote a poem.  A girlfriend of mine was abused by her daughter’s father, I wrote a poem.  A really close friend of mine suffers with Bipolar Disorder, once again, I wrote a poem.  I am so moved by certain events sometimes, that the only way I can work through those feelings, is I have to write it out.  When that horrible massacre in New Town occurred, I wrote a poem and sent it to some newspaper online. I don’t even remember which, or if I even kept a copy of that.  But it was beautiful piece of writing.
Shirley:  What made you want to write a parenting guide?
Nonnie:   Looking at the state of our children today, especially our Daughters, I felt that many of them were lost. I knew that a blueprint for parents was needed to steer them in the right direction, and get their feet planted on solid ground.  I also knew that this blueprint had to be very simple.  Not because of the intellect of the parents, but because if we are to be successful at something, we need a good understanding of what it is we are to learn, or we will never be able to teach it.  We need step-by-step, turn-by-turn navigation even when honing our parenting skills. We need more user-friendly guides that are easy to understand and even easier to implement, and less-Bill-Gates-computer-coded type ones.  Other parenting guides that I’d seen (not all of them),  were very formal. Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for.  They were formal in their format, formal in the tone, even the wording was kind of starchy and very intimidating. So, again, I wanted to keep it simple for parents. That way it would breed success and the guide would have been effective.
Shirley:  What was your inspiration for writing this book?
Nonnie:  My two beautiful  (Almost) Perfect Daughters were my inspiration, and I will have to say that the many people who meet my daughters for the first time or the second and third time, and ask “HOW DID YOU DO IT?” and”HOW CAN I DO IT?”,  these people were my motivation.   So my daughters were my INSPIRATION and strangers and friends were my MOTIVATION.  Anyone engaging in conversation with my daughters for even a few minutes, always ask the above questions.  So, I said let me detail how I did it in a book.  In the dedication of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” I say to my daughters that “my hope for them is that one day they will live in a world filled with more (ALMOST) perfect daughters just like them.” And that is truly my wish.
                                        Nonnie Book Cover Stack
Shirley:  This may sound like a silly question, but I’d really like the answer to it just for clarification.  What is an (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTER?
Nonnie:  An (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTER is a daughter who is as close to perfection as one can get.  She is honest, intelligent, driven, compassionate, loving, God-filled, and very, very respectful…all rolled up together.  No matter her age, she is continually respectful with anyone who’s older than she is, by addressing them as Ms.or Mrs. (insert name here) or by using “Yes Maám” and “No Maám” “Thank you” and “Please”.  That’s an (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTER and I thank GOD every day that he loaned me two!
Shirley:  I read somewhere that it only took you 17 days to write this book.  And from what I’ve read, it is really a good book!  But how could you compile all that you did, AND 100 tips in only 17 days?
Nonnie:  Well Shirley, this is a very easy question and one that I’m glad you asked. I lived those tips.  Every day for 20 plus odd years, I have reared my daughters on the very tips you will find in “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…”  That is why I was confident in wrapping it up when I did, and that was a mere 17 days.  It may sound like a short period of time, but I was literally functioning on 3-4  hours of sleep  a day during that period of constant writing and proofing.  But what came out of it, made me extremely proud.  I don’t necessarily believe that you have to spend a year writing to turn out a really good piece of work.  To each his own, and what works for me, may not work for others.  Most authors, when writing, have a lot of research that needs to be done and that does take time.  Luckily for this guide, I had experienced, so therefore I was the research. Now for my latest novel, “Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend”,  I had to travel back and forth between home and another city for the research, and it took me a lot longer than 17 days to write it.  That just wasn’t needed for “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” and I’m happy about that.
Shirley:  You call this guide “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE… ” yet in the preface, you point out that it’s also for Grandmothers, Aunts, Teachers and even Dads.  I do understand how the females could benefit here, but can you tell us how Dads can benefit from this guide and why they were even included in the list?
Nonnie:  Even though I titled the book as such, the guide is really a parenting guide for anyone who’s raising girls.  I’m sure we’re all very aware that in today’s society, kids are not only being raised by their parents, they are also being raised in extended families, by grandparents, older siblings, Aunts, God-Parents and then there are those Dads who not only take on their role, but also the role of the mom.  That is just the way life is today.  I don’t know if you remember the Cosby Show but there was a spin-off of that show called A DIFFERENT WORLD.  The theme song said  “It’s a different world than where we come from”. It’s definitely not the way it used to be.  And since the times have changed, we have to conform.  This guide can prove especially helpful to men because there are things inside of the book that will never cross their minds in a million years, simply because they are MEN.  So, if they were ever in a bind, all they’d have to do is pick up “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” and teach.  Now there are subjects in  “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” which some Dads will not feel at all comfortable discussing with their daughters, like the topic of Puberty.  That’s when they enlist the help of the women in their lives:  their mom, their sister or a really good female friend.Shirley:  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
Nonnie:  Of course!  I would have included only 50 tips, then I could have split the book into two! (laughing).   I do have more tips left over so I am planning a second edition of this one.  But really, there’s not anything I would change about my 1st labor of love.  I’m happy with it just the way it is.Shirley:  I have read your blog WATCH NONNIE WRITE! and you are really a gifted writer!  Why do you encourage readers who stop by to FOLLOW you on your blog?  I know some people ask for FOLLOWS merely to rack up the numbers, but I feel a different purpose emanating from you.  What is it?  
Nonnie:  Shirley, you are getting to know me a little too well.  I do ask that people FOLLOW me for a reason.  There are messages in my writing.  Messages of hope, encouragement, determination as well as messages of loving and giving.  We live in a very cold, harsh world, where people aren’t too keen on helping each other and I just don’t understand why.  There is enough of everything in this big world we live in to go around for everybody, so why not share it?  Or spread the wealth, as I call it.  It’s not that hard.  I see many people on Twitter “following” people in the literal sense, like little puppies being led around on a leash.  Not thinking for themselves, not using their own brains, just “following”.  I hope that the messages on my blog gives someone the strength to stand up and FEEL and THINK and SPEAK on their own,  without someone else feeling, thinking and speaking for them.  I hope my blog encourages boldness and strength in others who may not feel that they embody these characteristics.Shirley:  What future projects can we look for from Nonnie Jules?
Nonnie:  The second edition of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” is due out in February, 2014.  It’s called respectively, “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT KIDS”The Next 100!  If you’d like to be a part of that book, please pop over to for the details.  I need you, so help me out with this one!I’ve also joined with 3 other individuals to form 4WillsPublishing.  So, if you have a book inside you that needs to come out and you just don’t know where to get started, OR even if you’re established and you might need some of the awesome services we offer, stop by and check us out.  We want to help put only THE BEST out into the industry.  If that’s your goal as a writer, then consider giving  us a try.  You won’t be disappointed.Shirley:  How can readers keep up with you and all that you’re doing?
Nonnie:  I can be found on Twitter @nonniejules, on Facebook (Nonnie Jules), on my website @ and  you definitely want to follow my blog .  It’s not hard to find me at all, if you can just remember the name NONNIE JULES!Shirley:  Well this concludes our interview.  Nonnie we have really enjoyed having you here, and hopefully I wasn’t too hard on you with these questions.  Any last words before you go?Hopefully, you all will stop by and claim your very own copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…at or, if you have an upcoming baby shower to attend or know a new mommy, give them an autographed copy from NONNIE’S BOOK STORE.Thanks so much for your support today!




Today I’d like to introduce to you again, Nonnie Jules @NonnieJules. My twitter friend who found me and introduced me to the world of twittering. I know her now as a friend and true promoter of not only her works but everyone else’s. I’m glad I met her and now today is her day to introduce us to her newest book. Enjoy!!!

“She was one horrible mess.  Always looking over her shoulder, avoiding becoming too friendly with the neighbors, never letting her kids out of her sight for fear of human monsters lurking around corners, waiting to cause them harm.  That anxiety stemmed from her own childhood memories.  Always fearing  that someone would recognize her face, she kept to herself and didn’t go out much.  And when she did, no matter the season, she wore some kind of hat or covering on her head, enough to shield her face.  HE had done this to her even though he was dead now.
Walter never understood why she was such a loner, avoiding  people as much as she could, and just being extremely anti-social outside of the house.  Houston was originally her home, not his, yet she didn’t even want her own family and friends to know that she had returned.  The only person she found herself able to really open up with was him.  And although she tried to make him feel otherwise, he knew that there was still a huge wall up that even he would never be able to see over or climb.
Marisa had a secret and if it was ever discovered, it could cost her her life and her freedom.”
“I couldn’t put this book down! Every chapter that I read kept me on the edge of my seat, excited about what was to come in the next chapter.  I want more…so hope there’s a sequel! Lifetime Television…watch out for DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND.  You’re going to want to turn this script into a movie!”- P.J. Soemer, Book Lover
Also on Amazon
Nonnie Jules, Author
“…and her words breathe life onto paper”If you’re interested in keeping up with this author, please check out the links below!  Thanks for joining us on this collective 25 blog BOOK INTRO!!!
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“The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters,”
100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!




Listen up everybody. I want to introduce a dear Twitter friend of mine whom I have gotten to know. I am impressed with the creative gifts he has to offer in education. Being a former board member I could immediately relate to anything involving children. I was also impressed with his record of mentoring high school students as I have also mentored freshmen girls in an after-school mentoring program called Winning Futures. So we share a few things in common. He would like you to share with him your statements, questions, or remarks on the “comment” link above this blog. And now here is Mike!!!


Hi, my name is Mike Squatrito and I’m the author of The Overlords fantasy series.  I live in Tiverton, RI with my wife Lea, and our children, Devin and Samantha.  I currently have self-published the first three novels in my Overlords collection and I’m working on the fourth as we speak.  The stories are epic fantasy, on the lines of The Lord of the Rings, written at a Harry Potter level, with the character set influenced by the original Star Wars cast.  I know, a can’t miss, right?!?!  The books are suitable for middle school on up and highly recommended for all.

Before I get started I wanted to thank Shirley for letting me guest post on her blog, which is stop number three on my Overlords Blog Tour.  She had asked me to write about something that is dear to my heart and that is paying it forward.  In my case, that’s in the form of teaching and mentoring.  The Lord bestowed on me a great story, however He had more in store for me.  I had always hoped to sell a lot of books, retire from the corporate world, and live off my riches.  That didn’t quite happen!

My Overlords books became the vehicle for my true calling, which is to teach others the things that I’ve learned.  I had always been a good coach for my son’s youth baseball team with parents praising my fun and upbeat style while teaching the kids valuable sports lessons.  Knowing that I possessed this gift, teaching became an easy transition.  But you’re probably asking yourself, how does that pertain to writing?  For me, coaching and teaching go hand in hand.

Drawing on my sports background, back in 2006 I accepted an invitation from a co-worker’s son’s teacher to speak at his class during Reading Week.  This was my first school visit and I was more nervous than the kids!!!  I spoke to them about how to write a book, breaking down the steps into easy, manageable pieces and then went into a monster creation session.  The class and I had so much fun.  From there, my presentations evolved to where they are today – how to create characters, settings, outlines and plot points, the Four-Pass Editing Process, as well as self-marketing, self-promotion, self-publishing, eBooks, social media, social networking — whew!  You get the idea!

I never realized how much I had learned about writing, self-publishing, social networking, etc. until I began outlining my course offerings.  A few years back I decided that I would help others get to the point that I’m at, but without going through all the pains and frustrations that I had to overcome.  I wanted to pay it forward; and today the would-be authors keep coming to my presentations.  I’m happy to say that I’ve helped hundreds of soon-to-be novelists get to the next step in their project.  And you know what?  You can do it, too.

Everyone out there is blessed with a gift or two, something that makes you uniquely you.  The good Lord gave these gifts to us and who are we to squander them?  You’ll be amazed at the joyous feelings you’ll receive when you use them to help others.  My gifts are in the forms of writing, teaching, and baseball, but I’m sure yours are in different areas.  Don’t be afraid to pass along what you’ve learned because there will be someone out there hoping to learn from you, even if it’s something small.  When you get comfortable passing along the knowledge of your gifts, consider mentoring as well.  In the past few years I have had the pleasure of mentoring four high school students with their senior projects (all have written short stories that we self-published), all of them receiving an A+!  I’m currently mentoring a fifth and she has a lot to live up to if the past students are any indication!  So don’t be afraid to help out fresh young minds as they strive to achieve their dreams – you’d be surprised at the difference your time and energy will make.

My time here is up, but I wanted to pass along a few shameless plugs.  You can learn more about me and my project at and you can contact me directly at  As you can see, I’m looking for other authors to guest blog on my site and if you’re interested please contact me.  And yes, I am always open to mentoring!!!

You can purchase my books and eBooks on my website or if you have Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) accounts, at the following:




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NONNIE JULES was born in TX but when she was a little toddler her family relocated to Shreveport, LA for reasons unbeknownst to her.  She still lives there today with her husband and two wonderful daughters on a strip of land which she likes to refer to as THE FARM.  She lives a very peaceful existence (aside from the many animals her daughters have amassed) and this existence allows her to do what she loves most, and that is to create life thru words in written form.  Her first published work is “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! is doing very well, especially in paperback format.  You are invited to check it out here on  (Feel free to also view the book trailer at
 Nonnie writes from many different genres including fiction and non, poetry, short stories, you name it.  She’d love for you to keep in touch by following her on Twitter @nonniejules and you’re also invited to follow her blog WATCH NONNIE WRITE! at
This is the second stop on her 7 day “MEET THE CHARACTERS OF DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” Blog Tour and you can follow the entire tour here at
And now, I’d like to introduce the character interview of AURELIA “DAYDREAM” JAMES.
QHello Aurelia “Daydream” James!  Is Daydream your given name or a nick-name, AND how did you come by it?
A:  Well, seeing as though I’m well over the age of 22 when young parents were handing out those silly names like Mercedes, Porscha and Beautiful, it should be obvious that it’s a nickname.  My brother gave me the name and you will have to read the book to find out why.
QWhich would you prefer to be called during this interview?
A:  My name is Aurelia.  I’m a tad bit too old to be called Daydream, although some of my family members and friends that I’ve known since childhood all still call me Daydream.
A:  I am Maiya’s (the main character) mother, unfortunately.
Q:  Unfortunately?  Why would you say that and I guess I need to go a step further and ask what kind of mother would say something like that about their own child?
A:  I say that because IT IS UNFORTUNATE that I am her mother and you want to know what kind of mother says something like that?  Try a mother who’s fed up with the antics and the lies from that child.
QI read an interview that Maiya did recently and it seems she had similar feelings about you.  How sad is that and why is there such animosity between the two of you?  I mean, she’s only a child.
A:  I read that freaking interview she did.  She’s pure evil, nothing but evil! (Aurelia now has a scowl on her face as she leans in to me).  Maiya is the only child out of the seven that I have that has ever given me problems.  She has been problematic for me since she was born!  If you don’t believe me, she was even a breach baby, and that ought to tell you a lot!  The only one I had that came out feet first.  I knew then that she was different, in a bad way, you know?
QAurelia, you speak very harshly about your 16 year old daughter but you’re not giving me any concrete reasons as to why you obviously despise her.  She, in her own words said YOU DIDN’T LIKE HER AT ALL.  What do you say to that?  It has to be hard to hear.
A:  You want me to tell you why I feel the way I do about that girl?  OK, then I’ll tell you.  She seduced my own husband, in my own house.  That’s why I can’t stand her!  You say she’s a child?  Well, she sure as hell, excuse my french, doesn’t act like a child.  My other children, they ALL act like children.  They’re angelic almost, but this one…Ms. Maiya…running around here giving interviews about me, making me look bad to people.  I can’t stand her and if I never lay eyes on her again, that would be too soon for me!
Q I’m sorry my questions are upsetting to you, but you do know that we’re on tour because this book, which carries your namesake, is about to be published?  Why do you think your name is in the title?
A:  You will have to ask the author who wrote it.  What’s her name…Noonie?  Nottie?  Nollie?  Hell, I don’t know her name.  Whatever it is, I’m sure you can ask her this question.  I’m just in the book.  And I would have appreciated being left out of the book, not having my business put out into the street like this.  This was all Maiya’s doing.  I know it.  I told you…she’s pure evil!
QI hate to keep bringing up Maiya, but she mentioned in her interview that you and your husband abused her repeatedly.  Would you like to offer a response in your defense?
A:  I don’t need to defend myself against anything that girl has told you or anyone else.  My husband, her stepfather, has done nothing but take care of her since he came into our lives.  He has been good to her and the things she has accused him of, only the devil would make up such lies on an innocent man.
Q:  Aurelia, if you don’t mind my asking, what did Maiya accuse your husband of specifically?  And she also accused you of abuse.  What has she accused you of?
A:  Read the book.  I’m not justifying anymore of that b/s with responses.  Do y’all have any beer here?  My throat is very dry answering all these nosey questions.
Q:  I’m sorry, Aurelia.  The only thing we have here is bottled water.  Would you like some?
A:  This interview is over.  The next time you want me to come answer your damned questions, make sure you have something I like to drink.
(She storms away mumbling:  “What kind of mess is this where you don’t even accommodate your guests properly?  They should have asked me before I showed up here what kind of beer I drank.  What the hell would I do with some bottled water?  And what kind of operation are they running here anyway?  It was supposed to be classy!”)
INTERVIEWER:  “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”, after having two previous release dates that were both re-scheduled, will finally be released on Amazon October 31, 2013.  That’s Halloween and some will find this a story perfectly suited to tie in with the occasion.  You can view the trailer here athttp://youtu/be.qbUK3XQ5-dA and read an excerpt from the book here
Thank all of you who stopped by to meet this character and don’t forget that everyone who leaves a comment above for Aurelia “Daydream” James will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!
Please follow the rest of the tour and good luck on winning!
Nonnie Jules, Author
“…and her words breathe life onto paper”


I want to introduce to you my dear friend and fellow author @NonnieJules. She is the only person who has made some sense out of using twitter that I could grasp. That is not a small feat. I am not a techie so twitter, linkedin and even facebook was not compatible with me and my thinking. I will always be grateful to Nonnie for making it so much easier for me to understand although I am still a work in progress.

She has written a fantastic book called THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS. I fell in love with her trailer (it got me so emotional) and bought a copy and love the topic. She is a guest blogger and I am so excited that she asked me to host her. So let’s give her a warm welcome. Nonnie take it away!!


Hi everyone and thanks so much Shirley for serving as host on stop #11 of our 15-day DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND book blog tour!

Today I will offer my two cents on our favorite social media forum, Twitter, since Shirley mentioned it in her introduction.  And although there are now so many other forums that we could discuss, during this conversation I will stick strictly to Twitter since it’s where Shirley and I spend most of our social networking time.

Shirley and I met on Twitter and as she also mentioned, she was fairly new to the forum and was shocked to find out that I was a newbie as well.   She shared with me the challenges she was having learning the symbols and Twitter acronyms.  She, as I had been once upon a time, was completely lost and I must admit that although I “appear” to be skilled, in some areas of Twitter, I’m still lost.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter promoting others and trying to help them reach their goals while also working towards mine.  My real world,  as is the same for my Twitter-world both have a very common theme which I live by:  A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE.  That said, when Shirley reached out to me to get answers to her questions, I didn’t hesitate to assist her, even with the limited knowledge that I had and still have.  I remember my first day on Twitter, sitting and watching before I decided to even comment just because it all looked so confusing.  AND then, I did it!  I made one keystroke, then another, and I must say eventually I got so brave that I hit the TWEET button! Did I do it?  Did I actually send my first TWEET?  Well, I looked over to that funny, confusing, fast-moving box to the right of my screen and there sat my TWEET!  I was one proud Mama!

As I explained to Shirley, sometimes you just have to jump in and know that it will all come together.  And although I am not at all “techie” as Shirley said of herself in the intro, I get by with the limited tools that I use to get done what I need to have done.  I don’t think that we have to know it all to help someone else, we just need to have the courage to say “I don’t know much, but I will share the little I do know.” Who knows, the little you know, just might be exactly what the other person needs to know.

With Shirley reaching out to me and my being receptive to assist her in her quest for knowledge of the “Twitter” way, we have formed a friendship that will forever keep me as part of Team @motorcityauthor and her a forever cheerleader for Team @nonniejules.  Twitter will probably continue to at times look like “jibberish” to some of us, with all the #Hashtags and Twitter language we don’t understand, but if we stay determined to continue using the tools that we know how to use there, we will be extremely successful and we just might learn something new while we’re at it.

I am going to leave you now but first, let me tell you  a little about my books.  “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”,  100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! was published May 7, 2013.  It took me only 17 days to write because I lived every tip in the book.  The trailer that Shirley mentioned left her quite emotional can be found here

You may purchase e-book or paperback copies here: or even autographed copies I’m told that this guide makes a great baby shower gift as well as the perfect gift for a new mommy. Also, if you’re looking for a new kind of fundraiser with an extremely high profit margin, this guide is being used for just that purpose.  Visit for more details. (Individuals or Organizations).

DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND is my first novel and it has a re-scheduled release date of some time in mid-September.  This story is a Lifetime movie in a book!  Here’s the trailer and although the book has not released yet, you may order an advanced paperback copy at Nonnie’s Book Store for an extra low price.  Click the link above and reserve your copy now.

I hope to see you all again and here are the ways that you can keep up with what I’m doing.  My blogWATCH NONNIE WRITE!  is always filled with interesting, thought-provoking reads.  You can FOLLOW my blog here as well as following me on Twitter @nonniejulesand on Facebook.  Please continue to join us on the other legs of the tour or you can even visit the wonderful blogs we’ve already stopped at here

Once again, thank you all for joining me here today and I wish you peace, love, happiness and many great reads!

Thanks again, Shirley!  This was so much fun!


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