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@4WillsPub “Been There, Going Again” Blog Tour @StephenGeez

4 Wills “Been There, Going Again” Blog Tour, Stephen Geez

Day 1

Greetings, all! Welcome to the first stop on my 4WillsPublishing Blog Tour celebrating the re-issue of my memoir-shorts, Been There, Noted That: Essays in Tribute to Life. It has updated cover, new graphics, new book trailer, and now a first-ever jacketed hardcover edition. The book’s ruminations range from light and humorous to heartbreakingly poignant, but all spring from my own experiences. Thanks for visiting, trying this sample, and commenting!


How Old, Indeed

Essay by Stephen Geez


“I sure wish I had put some trees in my yard,” my neighbor said, watching me trim branches on the row of flowering crabapples that liked to reach over the sidestreet walkway and tickle the noggins of passersby.

Only a year into grad school and working full-time, I had just commenced one of those long-term projects called a “mortgage.”  Yes, I had bought my own place, a nice corner-lot colonial in a well-seasoned, thirty-year-old neighborhood. My house’s original owners had planted enthusiastically, blessing me with gloriously mature flora: springtime bloomers such as apple, cherry, and crabs; robust blossom-gobbed shrubbery the likes of lilac, snowball, and forsythia; plus a towering trio of magnificent hot-summer shaders—a red maple that ended every sentence with “eh?”; the mischievous elm that liked to flirt with my grapevine; and a humongous cottonwood that could target any area swimming pool with a fusillade of silky white puffs, then laugh about it for days. My neighbor’s yard, a mower-cropped crew-cut of featureless green, looked forlorn in comparison.

“Today’s as good a day as any to plant a few,” I pointed out.

He chuckled as if I’d made a joke, then shook his head and said, “Naw, it takes a good ten years or more till they’re big enough to sit under.”

I thought of him some years later when I saw an elderly woman interviewed on the news. Posing proudly in her cap and gown, she beamed over realizing her dream of going to college, four years of determined effort culminating in a bachelor’s degree. When the interviewer asked about encouragement from friends and family, the elder-grad surprised me by admitting, “They all thought I was nuts.”  She said that when she enrolled, her grandson quickly pointed out she’d be 74 by the time she graduated. Her response still resonates with me today:

“And how old will I be in four years if I don’t go to college?”

How old, indeed.

The very nature of a human lifespan presents life-plan challenges. Nearly all of us have reliable data on when our individual clocks started ticking—it’s right on the birth certificate—but except in rare instances, we have only a vague notion of now much time we’ll get to live and love, to laugh and learn. That’s why we try to cram so many accomplishments into our younger days. I mean, the sooner you achieve a goal, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the benefits.

However, this perspective is rather outcome-oriented. At the lower level in a hierarchy of ambition, we choose quick-and-simple aims, the kind where we expect lesser efforts to produce quicker results. At the middle level, we pursue the kinds of substantial rewards that require long-term, sustained effort—which in turn imbues success with greater meaning. At the highest level, we work toward goals where the benefits extend beyond our time, service to future generations, a paying forward for what our forebears accomplished for us. Imagine the old-timer who patiently plants a thousand seed-lings, knowing he’ll never live to see the forest, a form of altruism too few of us ever learn to embrace. Failing to see our world and the people who share it as bigger than one individual—as a continuum enduring beyond a single lifetime—is how it comes to seem acceptable to ignore the long-term consequences of pollution and climate change, of rapid natural-resource depletion, of amassing a massive collective debt for future generations to pay down.

Maybe we don’t always need a “result.”  The old lady didn’t say her goal was a degree, but rather “to go to college.”  If she ran out of time after a year or two or three, wouldn’t the experience, the knowledge, the mere accomplishment found in effort be worth it?  If you plant a tree, won’t watching it grow, if only for a while, offer a measure of satisfaction?  Don’t the best destinations beckon us with the promise of a meaningful journey?

And can’t the results of our best efforts prove different than we expect, maybe even better, with dividends paying in more ways than we ever imagined?  Think about the never-too-late lesson younger generations learn from the example set by that elderly college coed. Think about the circle-of-life wonder a child discovers when an old-timer nurtures seedlings that will mature long after he’s gone.

And even if nobody ever finds out what you have done, at least you can embrace the joy in knowing you’ve made yourself a better person, and you’ve left the world better for the time you got to live and love, to laugh and learn.

It’s been a long time since I lived among those springtime bloomers, blossom-gobbed shrubs, and towering trio of magnificent hot-summer shaders; but I hope my former neighbor is still right there across the street, and that he did get around to planting those trees. I like to imagine him spending some golden-years time relaxing in the shade. But if he’s gone now, I expect his son inherited the house, and I hope that on a hot summer day he can sit in that shade with his own children and share memories about helping his dad plant those trees.

How old do you have to be to understand that such a simple result is worth all that effort?

How old, indeed.

*     *     *


Author Bio: Writer, editor, publisher, TV producer, music composer, entrepreneur and more, Stephen Geez has long honed a keen eye for the foibles of human nature. His writing since taking undergrad and grad degrees at Michigan includes novels and short stories in various genres from literary to mystical adventure, non-fiction covering academic to how-to, commercial arts spanning corporate training to consumer advertising, and web-based content including the collections at StephenGeez.com and GeezWriter.com. Easing gingerly into his second half-century, he can’t hop, skip, or jump like the old days, but he never stops noticing and taking notes.


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I want to introduce to you my dear friend and fellow author @NonnieJules. She is the only person who has made some sense out of using twitter that I could grasp. That is not a small feat. I am not a techie so twitter, linkedin and even facebook was not compatible with me and my thinking. I will always be grateful to Nonnie for making it so much easier for me to understand although I am still a work in progress.

She has written a fantastic book called THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS. I fell in love with her trailer (it got me so emotional) and bought a copy and love the topic. She is a guest blogger and I am so excited that she asked me to host her. So let’s give her a warm welcome. Nonnie take it away!!


Hi everyone and thanks so much Shirley for serving as host on stop #11 of our 15-day DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND book blog tour!

Today I will offer my two cents on our favorite social media forum, Twitter, since Shirley mentioned it in her introduction.  And although there are now so many other forums that we could discuss, during this conversation I will stick strictly to Twitter since it’s where Shirley and I spend most of our social networking time.

Shirley and I met on Twitter and as she also mentioned, she was fairly new to the forum and was shocked to find out that I was a newbie as well.   She shared with me the challenges she was having learning the symbols and Twitter acronyms.  She, as I had been once upon a time, was completely lost and I must admit that although I “appear” to be skilled, in some areas of Twitter, I’m still lost.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter promoting others and trying to help them reach their goals while also working towards mine.  My real world,  as is the same for my Twitter-world both have a very common theme which I live by:  A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE.  That said, when Shirley reached out to me to get answers to her questions, I didn’t hesitate to assist her, even with the limited knowledge that I had and still have.  I remember my first day on Twitter, sitting and watching before I decided to even comment just because it all looked so confusing.  AND then, I did it!  I made one keystroke, then another, and I must say eventually I got so brave that I hit the TWEET button! Did I do it?  Did I actually send my first TWEET?  Well, I looked over to that funny, confusing, fast-moving box to the right of my screen and there sat my TWEET!  I was one proud Mama!

As I explained to Shirley, sometimes you just have to jump in and know that it will all come together.  And although I am not at all “techie” as Shirley said of herself in the intro, I get by with the limited tools that I use to get done what I need to have done.  I don’t think that we have to know it all to help someone else, we just need to have the courage to say “I don’t know much, but I will share the little I do know.” Who knows, the little you know, just might be exactly what the other person needs to know.

With Shirley reaching out to me and my being receptive to assist her in her quest for knowledge of the “Twitter” way, we have formed a friendship that will forever keep me as part of Team @motorcityauthor and her a forever cheerleader for Team @nonniejules.  Twitter will probably continue to at times look like “jibberish” to some of us, with all the #Hashtags and Twitter language we don’t understand, but if we stay determined to continue using the tools that we know how to use there, we will be extremely successful and we just might learn something new while we’re at it.

I am going to leave you now but first, let me tell you  a little about my books.  “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”,  100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! was published May 7, 2013.  It took me only 17 days to write because I lived every tip in the book.  The trailer that Shirley mentioned left her quite emotional can be found herehttp://youtu.be/zg15rptFN2g.

You may purchase e-book or paperback copies here:  www.amazon.com/dp/B00CP62O56www.createspace.com/4355124 or even autographed copies fromwww.nonniesbookstore.com. I’m told that this guide makes a great baby shower gift as well as the perfect gift for a new mommy. Also, if you’re looking for a new kind of fundraiser with an extremely high profit margin, this guide is being used for just that purpose.  Visit www.nonniesbookstore.com for more details. (Individuals or Organizations).

DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND is my first novel and it has a re-scheduled release date of some time in mid-September.  This story is a Lifetime movie in a book!  Here’s the trailerhttp://youtu.be/qbUK3XQ5-dA and although the book has not released yet, you may order an advanced paperback copy at Nonnie’s Book Store for an extra low price.  Click the link above and reserve your copy now.

I hope to see you all again and here are the ways that you can keep up with what I’m doing.  My blogWATCH NONNIE WRITE!  is always filled with interesting, thought-provoking reads.  You can FOLLOW my blog here www.nonniewrites.wordpress.com as well as following me on Twitter @nonniejulesand on Facebook.  Please continue to join us on the other legs of the tour or you can even visit the wonderful blogs we’ve already stopped at here wp.me/p3sUCq-jr.

Once again, thank you all for joining me here today and I wish you peace, love, happiness and many great reads!

Thanks again, Shirley!  This was so much fun!


Nonnie Jules, Author
“…and her words breathe life onto paper”