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Second Edition

Today is the official launch of the Second Edition of Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community. As you can see there is a new book cover. I figured since I had to make extensive changes to the interior, that I might as well throw in the kind of cover I always wanted. The paperback version does the cover more justice. The interior needed to be revamped after discovering to my horror that some content had been altered. There was a reduction of photographs this time around, and format changes were made.

You are probably wondering, “How could this have happened?” Well let me tell you. As you know, we are independent authors and because of that, anything can and does happen. I made a move from my original publisher, iUniverse, over to Createspace (an Amazon affiliation) and in the process, files were turned over and altered without my knowledge. In 2014, I did a Facebook Re-launch promotion created by Rave Reviews Book Club. It took six years from that day for me to discover the extent of the damage. I paid iUniverse to prepare the files for acceptance by Createspace’s team. When I complained about the bad formatting, Createspace told me that the file size was sent over with incorrect dimensions. Why didn’t they tell me while it was happening? So the blame lies with both.

I know and feel that the book world does not have a lot of respect for Indie Authors, just from my own personal experience. But they better believe that we are a force to be reckoned with and and I believe that RRBC played a huge role in that evolution of thinking. But we still have to be careful and remain vigilant.

Although changes were made, the story remains basically the same with a few added updates. It was and is an evolving story because the church is still functioning. The membership has dropped dramatically because of the raging Pandemic that has swept the globe. Members are dying due to aging and not being replaced in significant enough numbers. I went to church for the first time in months and got attention just for being there. I couldn’t have hidden if I wanted to. Its kind of hilarious but also shows that I was missed. I suppose I can take a little comfort in that knowledge.

Paperback Book Cover (front & back)

Feel free to view Our Lady of Victory book trailer on the side bar of this post.

On another note, I saw on the news that for Halloween (October 30 & 31) my beloved train station, The Michigan Central Depot in Detroit, will be featuring a display of lights and you just have to drive by or park in order to see it. This is wonderful. This station had been vacant and deteriorating for many years and this is the first spark that it is coming back to life. The Ford family purchased the building so there is plenty of money to support it. I am extremely grateful.

Here is my contribution to saving the station, right down to resurrecting the Friends of the Michigan Central Depot. We renamed the group, “The New Friends of the Michigan Central Depot.” I wrote how we did it in a booklet called, “A Citizens Group in Action, Saving a Train Station.” There was a slide presentation of the event held at the Detroit Yacht Club at beautiful Belle Isle Park in a replica of a train station, courtesy of the City of Detroit, who were only too happy to do it. And they provided consultation and some technical expertise.



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Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community

I must have had an out-of-body experience to take on the task of researching, writing and publishing OLV’s story. I didn’t want to do it, but the voice inside my head would not go away. I could not dismiss it, as much as I tried. And so Our Lady of Victory was born. I knew the story, but had to do some research to get all of the facts straight. How this little church community came into existence is an amazing tale of starts and stops before the first brick was laid.

I created this website to bring the history to life and provide a home to talk and ask questions. Coming to RRBC gave me a platform to keep the conversation going. I even created a Facebook page.

Maybe I became a little obsessed about it, but before my efforts, you couldn’t find anything about this little community. I was on a mission to change all that.


Another Option

5***** Star Read! 2/24/14
Let me start off by establishing one very important fact:  I AM NOT CATHOLIC.  And because of that fact, I felt there wouldn’t be much for me inside the covers of this book.  I bought the book because I wanted to support this author.  I read the book all the way through because of the INTRODUCTION, paragraph 2 which states:  “This book will present the facts – and some of those facts may not make for pleasant reading.  I make no apologies since I had nothing to do with making the policies that shaped Our Lady of Victory and our lives…I ask that you understand that I am only the messenger.”   So, let me explain to you why the INTRODUCTION, paragraph 2 got MY attention:  1)  I like facts, and I’m impressed by people who feel no qualms about sharing factual information, be it comfortable or not; and 2)  I love people who make no apologies for speaking their truths!

OUR LADY OF VICTORY is a story of a black, Catholic community that is no more.  I was in awe of the author for the time and patience it must have taken to secure all this data and these facts, and to lay it all out the way it is now…in this great book.  This author wants everyone to understand that her book is a NARRATIVE HISTORY.  Don’t mistake it for a novel, a short story, fantasy, or any other genre.  It is the HISTORY of this church and how its existence and its demise, shaped so many of the lives that passed thru its doors.

Should I be ashamed to admit that when the author said “…some of those facts may not make for pleasant reading,” I instantly knew there was a cover-up involved here?  And who doesn’t love a good cover-up/mystery, especially one that gets UN-COVERED?   Shirley H. Slaughter uncovered some things about the higher-ups and the powers-that-be in that church, that a lot of people would have never touched with a ten-foot pole and I’m sure, some are still “whispering” about today.

Let me get to what you came here for…this book was one of the most detailed books I’ve ever read.  At first glance, I thought, “All this information is going to give me brain freeze,” but once into it, I found myself anxious for more.  Again, I’m not Catholic and don’t know much about the religion (other than I love this new POPE you guys have!), so I really enjoyed being “schooled” by an author who puts information together as well as this one did.  I’m a stickler for (almost) perfect anything, but especially (almost) perfect writing.  Mrs. Slaughter delivered a home-run for me.  It was clean, it was detailed, but most of all, it was interesting.  The best part is, you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy this book.  She gets 5***** stars from me for her compilation of the facts, and we all know how hard that is to do!

Lynn Hobbs
A Must Read!
5 Stars

January 26, 2018

Thank you, Shirley Harris-Slaughter for sharing an incredible part of history that I was unaware of until reading this book. Yes, I knew of racism, but not inside the church. And certainly not in the form of a concrete wall separating the races in a Detroit community. I am proud of all the efforts by so many who continued building a better future for their children with schools, and a church. It was mind-boggling to see their progress halted. Had I lived in that time, and in that community, I would have felt like a prisoner with someone else in control of my life. Much respect to all who worked so hard, and for so long. Loved hearing about the people, and loved the pictures. What an awesome church family to grow with through the years. It does make one wonder what other history remains localized that should be shared with the entire public. Well written, and a must read! I highly recommend this book to all!

UPDATE: OLV is now housed in a little chapel behind St. Scholastica’s. They kept the church community, but housed it in the back of another church? Did anybody think the problem would be solved? Archbishop Vigneron apologized for what was done to the Black Catholic Community.

Maybe it’s too late. The damage has taken a toll and the numbers are dwindling rapidly.

A Citizen’s Group In Action: Saving a Train Station

Since I wrote a book about history, it is only natural that I would gravitate towards saving a train station. I can’t believe I took this huge task on. But I did and never looked back, except to watch a video presentation of the workshop I created and produced to try and save Detroit’s landmark station. In fact I took this project on before even thinking about writing a book.

The Blurb

Around 1992, this study was pulled together for one specific purpose – to save the Michigan Central Depot, a train station in downtown Detroit. After it was boarded up in the 1980s, I agonized about what was happening to the building as it descended into neglect and decay; with no hope of it ever rising to its former glory. I needed to form a plan and a way to do it. Attending a university afforded me that opportunity. I always loved trains even though there was never a chance for me to experience the thrill of it all growing up. My mother was pregnant with me when she traveled, by train, from California, all the way to Detroit, to be with my dad’s family while he was stationed in Guam during World War II. So I always thought that I was touched in the womb. There was no other way to explain this love affair with trains.

Fortunately while group efforts failed so many times in the past, on June 11, 2018, the station was purchased by the Ford Motor Company.

Congratulations Detroit!



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The Continuing Saga…

I have to tell you this story because it has been weighing heavily on my mind lately ever since  the strange conversation took place.

I was at mass a couple of months ago and there was a group of visiting seminarians in the main church of St. Scholastica. To refresh your memory, that’s the church that Presentation-Our Lady of Victory members now attend. We ended up in the back of the chapel and it is our new parish home. So we have not yet fully integrated with St. Scholastica, we are just occupying their building. I don’t think that’s going to last for long. But back to my thought of why I brought up the seminarians.

It made me think about the fact that never since I’ve been in the church has any of our altar boys ever been invited to Sacred Heart Major Seminary, where young men study to become priests. I became aware of this starting back when I was employed with Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on the East Side of Detroit (1998-2005), where I was told by a dear friend, that the boys who were being invited to tour the grounds and contemplate the priesthood were usually of the Caucasian race. Now I hate having to bring up the topic of “race” but its inevitable-it’s the way our country was divided so its in the history.

I mentioned in my book “Our Lady of Victory” that we saw invitations to become priests in the Church Bulletin (with no name) but nothing actually targeting our young boys on a personal level to consider becoming priests.

So when St. Scholastica had eight seminarians visit for mass it got me to thinking again, why are there no Black Priests in any significant numbers in the Archdiocese of Detroit? So I spoke with the pastor after one of our masses. I told him that while I was happy for the young men who are studying to be priest, I wondered why our young boys were never ever invited to consider it with personal invitations too.

He responded by asking me had I ever attended their Religious Education classes in the evenings? I said no, but that I did attend classes in my church and actually brought in new members. He said, “why don’t you attend our evening classes?” I said, “I don’t like to come out that late.” He said, “we can arrange to pick you up.”

How in the world did we get to this conversation? How could he have looked me in the eye and change the topic so completely? I was astounded and speechless. That was his answer? That was all he had to say? Switch the topic so he doesn’t have to answer it? STUNNING!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

I guess I don’t have to wonder any longer why there are no black priest. The Church doesn’t get it and so the issue will never be addressed. I know because I also mentioned this to our own Monsignor. He had no real answers either. I do know that there was one recurring theme that got one priest I know into the priesthood. He was mentored! Someone took the time to spend with him and show him the possibilities. How in the world do you become a priest without someone bringing you in? It doesn’t always happen on its own, especially for black boys who are already unsure of themselves in the larger world just like any other young boy coming of age.

Ladies and Gentleman, need I say more?

I belong to the Knights of Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary Court 189 and I am the Treasurer. I’m just trying to fulfill my obligation and then I will re-think whether or not I even want to continue being a Catholic. Our race has dwindled so badly over the years with the policies coming out of the diocese that it is not conducive to growing an African American Catholic Community anymore. They’re making an effort to raise awareness to the problem but as they say, “It’s a day late and a dollar short.” We are way past the time to do something about it.

In order to explain how we arrived at where we are today, you need to know the history. Get a copy and get the lowdown on what really happened. Its a fascinating read.





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OLV Book Trailer


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Anyone who purchases a copy of THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDEDAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND or IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC and send to me a copy of the purchase receipt to nonniejules@gmail.com, and also leave a comment along the tour, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card! One entry for each book that is purchased, whether in e-book or paperback format. Purchases must take place between 2/14/16 – 2/29/16. If you’ve already purchased all of my books, then feel free to gift a friend, just for the chance to win!!! Spend a little, and you could win a lot!!!


It is always such a treat to host the infamous Nonnie Jules. She always has something exciting to say. Day 10 of her tour is a continuation of exciting things coming from her brain. Thank you Nonnie for gracing my blog post. And now here she is!!

Anyone who reads and posts a review of THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE… DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND or IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC and sends the link to their review to nonniejules@gmail.com, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card! One entry for each book read and reviewed. Reviews must be posted between 2/16/16 – 3/15/16 to be placed into the drawing.

Q: WHO ARE YOU? You are one of a kind! Tell us a little about you and what it is you do on a personal level when you’re not dreaming up ways to promote the members?

A: I am a wife, a mom, a dog lover (although I have everything but cats in our home), a daughter, a sister and a really good friend! In my spare time (what spare time, who am I kidding?) Well, in the spare time I wish I had, I envision all the great books I could write to right the many wrongs of this world. Oh, and I love reality TV!

Q: I do remember those blog posts you used to put out at least once a week. There was always a lesson. Tell me, where were you born and do you live there now?

A: I was born in Texas but raised in Louisiana!

Q: I’m amazed at all that you do and how much time you commit to the club. Most often, you do act just like a REAL-LIFE wonder woman! How do you do it?

A: Shirley, there is a quote on my blog site (www.BooksByNonnie.wordpress.com) that reads: “As a child no one ever told me I couldn’t, therefore, in all things I THINK I CAN!” I truly believe that I can do everything and anything I set my mind to doing. When I first started on this writing journey, one of my very first blog posts was about making a name for myself…and that I have. Although it might be true that we all have limitations, I guess I haven’t run into mine yet. I do this, because somebody has to. There was a great need to be filled and so I took on the challenge. RRBC is what we have to show for all that effort and it’s also proof, that if you envision it, you can be it!

Q: Now that was an Amazing answer. Are there any new releases in the works?

A: Oh, yes! This is the year of Nonnie, so get ready world! And don’t worry you guys, I’m really going to put that Fitness Guide out, just for you all!

Q: Last but not least, when are you going to invite us over?
A: Never, there are just too many of you!
This has been fun! Thanks for having me, Shirl!

ME: Oh drat!!

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1If Only There Was Music book cover


LOCATION: Southeastern Michigan (USA) Surrounded by the Five Precious Great Lakes!


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This trailer was born out of my association with Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) founded by president, Nonnie Jules, whom I met on Twitter. That started the beginning of a very interesting and fruitful relationship. I couldn’t get much attention for my book and the best I could do was an initial book launch when first published in 2007, and republished in 2014 with a Facebook Re-launch Party. I had never seen or heard of such before and my book got so much attention and a bump in sales. It was unbelievable! Nonnie started 4WillsPublishing and wanted to make a trailer because she thought that the book was not getting the attention it deserved. She had one of her big ideas and was so excited about giving OLV extra attention. How lucky for me. I was so grateful that she loved the book having read and reviewed it. Imagine someone being that excited about your work? Well, I was so grateful for the attention that she could have done anything and I would have jumped hoops to let her.

We weren’t getting any attention from the big publishing houses as Indie Authors, a term borne out of the neglect that lone independent authors were experiencing. So Nonnie Jules’ answer was RRBC. I don’t think the big publishers are going to ignore us anymore. There are close to 500 members in this club and growing. And so many wonderful things are happening.


Here is a link to the book on Amazon


Rave Soup For The Writers Soul

**I wrote two winning entries for this beautiful anthology produced by Rave Reviews Book Club

Childhood Memories: A Walk Down Memory Lane
Love and Relationships: Go After What You Want

These excerpts can be found in the Anthology so just look for the titles. This has become a wonderful keepsake for me. I am so thrilled about winning in the first contest of its kind in 2014 and I am so happy to share it with you.


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HERE ARE MY SELECTIONS: A little something about me, and a blurb to acquaint you to what the titles are about. 



I’ve been an Indie Author since 2007 when I came out with my very first book, Our Lady of Victory, The Saga of an African-American Catholic Community. I wrote it because I felt that our history was about to be lost forever and I had a strong urge, that I couldn’t shake, to make sure it didn’t happen. I re-published again under a different publisher and had a Facebook Re-Launch Party to introduce it through 4WillsPublishing. It has been an amazing journey.

Upon learning what these amazing pioneers did was a source of pride for me. We didn’t see much in our lives to be proud of and so any little found nugget was a delight. When I met Nonnie Jules on Twitter, it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. She had a vision and my book was about to get some long overdue recognition. Plus she was a part of an elite few to give me an honest review. Before RRBC, people who did a review mostly wrote like they had to tell a story and do a lot of embellishment. You really have to know how to write a genuine review. And so I appreciated Nonnie so much for being so real. It started a conversation that I had been dying to have. Like most of us authors I was on my own, not realizing that in helping others I would help myself. Such a novel concept, but it works. I’m glad I found that out.BetterCoverImage



When we came of school age, my brother, sister, and I started attending George Washington Carver Elementary School. While living in Royal Oak Township we were not exposed to door to door evangelization. Here is how my mother found out about the church. For some time she had noticed a young boy walking, very early in the morning, past our two-story housing project unit at 10729 Hinsdale Court. He wore blue pants, a white shirt and a tie. She was so impressed with his appearance that she just had to find out where he was going. She stopped him one morning and asked. He told her that he was attending the new school affiliated with Our Lady of Victory Church. My parents immediately sought out this church and started taking instructions, because they wanted us enrolled in the school. Mother was doing just what the other parents were doing—looking for a good education for her children. The boy’s name was Frank Cryer, and we became classmates. Walking to school dressed in a uniform was a kind of evangelization, because it sure made an impression on our mother. As soon as the school doors opened, we were right there. Around this time my whole family started attending and preparing to become baptized Catholics…



My second book was created out of a need to share personal traumas experienced in a relationship gone bad; and life examples of the health problems that ensued from it. This book was never supposed to see the “light of day” but stranger things have happened.

Crazy!_Hot!_And_Livi_Cover_for_KindleBOOK TRAILER


I recall one night, while preparing my baby son for bed, I sat down and laid him on my chest to rock him to sleep. Suddenly, I started to feel this tightness in my chest. It felt like I was being squeezed and it got worse and worse until I was writhing in agony and pain. I had difficulty breathing. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. My mother called for help, but when the police arrived and offered to take me down to Detroit Receiving Hospital, she exclaimed:  “Over my dead body! You are not taking my daughter downtown!” At that time, Receiving Hospital had a reputation for admitting a lot of violent criminals and crime victims and she didn’t want me in that environment. So the officers left. Fortunately, they returned with the decision to take me somewhere closer to my mother’s home. We rode to Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital, right in our neighborhood. The doctors went through the normal line of questioning, including personal inquiries about my marital status. When I told them I was separated from my husband, they all looked at me with the same sympathetic but knowing expression on their faces…



Imagine experiencing emotions that have you questioning your sanity. Your body gets overheated at the least bit of excitement and you scramble to find a fan or some air. Or you find yourself in the throes of a panic attack and can’t understand how to shut it off, so you are filled with anxiety wondering when the next one is coming. What if every time you take a drug you experience side-affects that you are warned about on the label?

The title was conceived in my mind after I thought over all the situations I had found myself in, getting out of them, and the affect all of this had on my overall physical and mental well-being.

Crazy! Hot! And Living On the Edge!! Is the True Story of My Upside Down Life!



Rave Reviews Book Club put together this powerful anthology of the member’s works. I entered in two categories and WON!! I was so thrilled to have my work validated this way. Here are the winning entries…

Childhood Memories: A Walk Down Memory Lane
Love & Relationships: Go After What You Want


The RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology is a compilation of motivational, inspirational and humorous stories from some of the most talented writers of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. These stories and poems are meant to inspire you and lift you up at the exact moment you need it. We all know how soup warms our bodies, and there are so many different brands on the market to choose from, but for a writer, only RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL will do! So pick up your literary spoon and ENJOY!

Excerpt from A Walk Down Memory Lane

I will never forget being introduced to my own father. I didn’t know him because he was gone more than he was there. So we didn’t get the chance to bond with him. He told us to call him daddy. I looked at mother and she nodded her head in approval. I couldn’t believe she did that nor did I believe that he was my father. But I had to do what I was told. So I called him daddy – reluctantly. I never forgot that moment because it was traumatic. He had no one to blame but himself for this predicament. He actually seemed a bit annoyed that we didn’t draw closer to him. He was a stranger! How do you forget something like that?


Check out my Amazon Author Page

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Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Author

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Shirley Harris-Slaughter


On a Sunday, a couple of weeks ago, I stood up at mass and asked the pastor, “Why has the Catholic Church not taken a stand against the Charleston 9 shootings? Why hasn’t the Church extolled the virtues of  the families of the victims, who forgave the murderer, that finally brought down the confederate flag?”

It was a lesson missed.

The Monsignor responded to my question by telling me of the communication that went out to the media and other outlets talking about this issue. He said they will be talking about race during “REVIVE DETROIT” coming  in August. The first of three evangelization initiatives called Amazing Grace, Overcoming Race will begin August 20th at St. Scholastica. The second initiative takes place at Presentation/Our Lady of Victory housed in St. Scholastica’s chapel.

That was not a satisfactory answer about an issue that has captured the country’s attention; and nothing he can say will ever justify a missed opportunity to teach a vital lesson to the masses. It’s like a dead silence has enveloped the church. How could they not say something? Because that is the way the Catholic Church is. When they should have spoken out against all the atrocities that have been committed over the years, they never spoke out against anything or stood out to take the lead in doing the right thing. They remained silent and became part of the problem.

At another time, the monsignor did take a stand against same-sex marriage at a Sunday mass. He told us in no uncertain terms that the Church stands for marriage between a man and a woman. I know this same stance was preached around the country. The Leaders of the Church made sure we understood this lesson.

When I wrote my book, Our Lady of Victory, The Saga of an African American Catholic Community I had no idea that I would be digging up racial hurt and pain; and I was surprised to learn things that I wasn’t supposed to know about. Imagine my disappointment in learning that the Church was sometimes the culprit in many transgressions that were committed. No wonder there are so few Blacks in the Catholic Church. You go where you are welcomed and cared for. Many Rave Reviews Book Club members stated that they never knew there were Blacks in the Catholic Church. Maybe they need to ask themselves, “Why?” To me it was a shocking revelation.

 It’s a real shame that I have doubts about the only Church I ever knew and I am one step away from leaving the Church altogether. I need help because my faith is really being tested now. All of this is very painful and hard to take.

My son has always been a responsible father and husband, and I worry about him constantly because of what is going on across the country with police brutality. I worry about all our daughters too. They just killed a woman days ago and her name has been added to the rallying cry. She was on her way to her new job and was stopped, slammed to the ground and found hanging in her cell dead. The police said she committed suicide. Her family and friends aren’t buying it. No one in the community is buying it either. This can happen to anyone – anywhere. Who is safe?

These atrocities are happening while the Church is silent and has remained silent when it should be speaking out and taking a stand as the moral authority.

It is another lesson missed.

Email: sharrislaughter@gmail.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sharrislaughter


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This blog tour is basically about me introducing myself to all of you and what motivated me to write.




My name is Shirley Harris-Slaughter.  I was born in the great state of Michigan and raised in the Charter Township of Royal Oak. I spent most of my time dreaming of the day when I could get out and start my life elsewhere. Then I discovered we were a historical community founded by a runaway slave on the “underground railroad.” I began to appreciate my roots. I discovered all this history way before ever thinking about writing.

My mother was a gifted poet and writer of children’s stories. She also was a great speaker. So what in the world could I contribute to this family? My parents were activists in the community and I watched them not realizing they were shaping me. I became a community activist before I started to write and I developed an appreciation for historical places and buildings which led me to try and save our local train station. I wrote a thesis on The Implementation of the Most Comprehensive Approach to Restoring the Michigan Central Depot. This project brought lots of attention and publicity to this neglected historical site.

All of this led me to try and capture the history of our Catholic Community which is now gone. So I wrote about my experience growing up in this environment. I titled the book, Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community. The title kind of stuck although my intention was to change it. This book had been gathering steam in my head for a long time before I actually set down to write. I felt that our history was gone because the church has merged and the school was razed after sitting empty for years and becoming an eyesore. I was invited to speak about this to the Fred Hart Williams Geneological Society affiliated with the Detroit Public Library’s Burton Historical Collections. Mark Bowden tagged the book a Narrative History. They asked me to speak to them because they never had history told in narrative form before. Geneology is normally written in a chronological order.

This history is who I am.

I’m going to stop right here and allow you to get the rest of the story.


About The Book…

Severing ties with publisher iUniverse left me with some leftover hardcover limited edition copies. Once they are gone, that is it.

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You know how we all like to play and win big from publishers clearing house. Well, I got bit again and as I was going thr0ugh the steps to win I had to go on PCHs Search engine in order to qualify for more prizes. So I decided to put in “Our Lady of Victory” and up popped a surprise…a blog about the church and some information on me. I never knew it was there. Here is the link:


They have an active link in there but it is no longer relevant because its a .net address. You will already be on this site so ignore it.

I cannot tell you how surprising it was to read this blog so I want to share it with you.